North Macedonia, ESM offered to supply electricity to EVN Home at higher price

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EVN Home, as an universal electricity supplier, has launched a tender for the procurement of electricity that will be supplied to consumers in the July-December 2022 and received only one offer from state-owned power utility ESM.

The offer from ESM will cover 100 % of EVN Home’s needs at the price of 48 euros/MWh. In the first half of 2022, the price of electricity supplied by ESM was 41 euros/MWh, which means that the new price is 17 % higher than the old one.

The price at which EVN Home supplies electricity to consumers will be determined by the Energy Regulatory Commission (RKE) and depends on several parameters, such as the price at which EVN Home buys electricity, electricity transmission fees set by MEPSO, electricity distribution fees and the fee set by the energy market operator MEMO.

Minister of Economy Kreshnik Bekteshi said that the price offered by ESM is far below the market price (which goes up to 350 euros/MWh for the supply in the second half of 2022), adding that it is a part of the Government’s measures to mitigate the impact of the ongoing energy crisis on the citizens of North Macedonia.

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