North Macedonia: ESM sales on the free market over 5.3 million euros

, SEE Energy News

After meeting the needs of universal electricity supplier, North Macedonian state-owned power utility ESM continued to sell surplus electricity on the free market. ESM CEO Vasko Kovacevski said that the company sold a total of 110,640 MWh of electricity and generated revenues in the amount of some 4.9 million euros.

More than half of sold electricity will be delivered in the third quarter of the year, namely in July, August and September, at the average price of 44.37 euros/MWh (price on HUPX was 43.4 euros/MWh at the moment of sale). The remaining amount will be delivered in July at the average price of 43.55 euros/MWh (HUPX price was 42.13 euros/MWh).

ESM also sold 11,040 MWh to electricity distributor EVN for covering the distribution losses in the third quarter of 2020, at the price of 43.89 euros/MWh, thus generation revenues of almost 500,000 euros.

Total revenues from the sales on the free market for Q3 2020 amount to over 5.3 million euros so far.