North Macedonia: ESM sold 4.2 million euros worth of surplus electricity in the first half of June

, SEE Energy News

North Macedonian state-owned power utility ESM (former ELEM) informed that it sold a total of 4,800 MWh of surplus electricity for almost 200,000 euros at an auction organized on 6 June, with the average price of 41.42 euros/MWh.
Furthermore, the company sold additional 11,160 MWh of surplus electricity, which will be delivered in July, for some 560,000 euros, at the average price of 50.34 euros/MWh. On 10 June, ESM sold a total of 52,992 MWh for the delivery in the third quarter of 2019, thus earning around 2.84 million euros. The achieved average price at this auction was 53.63 euros/MWh.

On 12 June, the company conducted an auction for the sale of 12,000 MWh of surplus electricity for the period between 17 and 28 June. The average price reached 48.66 euros/MWh for the total of some 560,000 euros. Thus, the total amount made from electricity sales in the first half of June is almost 4.2 million euros.

In 2019, the company organized 17 auctions at which it sold a total of 174,522 MWh of electricity for 8.5 million euros.