North Macedonia: HPPs Spilje and Globocica produced 285 million kWh in 2019

, SEE Energy News

According to North Macedonian power utility ESM, hydropower plant Splije near Debar and hydropower plant Globocica near Struga, both situated in the Crni Drim catchment area, produced a total of 285 million kWh of electricity in 2019, which is 62 % of planned production for that year.
HPP Spilje produced 172.9 million kWh in 2019, which 64.17 % of the planned amount for this period and 47.1 % lower compared to the last
year’s production. At the same time HPP Globocica produced 112.6 million kWh, 61.8 % of the planned amount and 49.1 % less than in 2018. ESM noted that there are enough water reserves in the two accumulations to produce additional 38 million kWh of electricity. The timely planned overhauls of both HPPs guarantee that they are ready to receive and process larger amounts of water expected with the improvement of hydrological conditions in the beginning of 2020.