North Macedonia: Net production of electricity produced lower in February compared to February last year

, SEE Energy News

Total electricity consumption in Macedonia in February 2020 amounted to 758,721 MWh, natural gas consumption amounted to 25.89 million cubic meters, coal consumption reached 558,203 tons, while the consumption of petroleum products stood at 73,252 tons. According to the data from State Statistical Office, 63.4 % of the consumed electricity in February was covered by domestic production, while 97.6 % of the total coal consumption was used for electricity production.

Total net production of electricity in Macedonia in February 2020 stood at 446,825 MWh, which is 10 % lower compared to the same month last year. 310,786 MWh or 69.6 % was produced at thermal power plants (- 1.9 % compared to February 2019), 67,913 MWh or 15.2 % was produced at hydropower plants (- 32.5 %), 49,761 MWh or 11.1 % in CHP plants and 12,254 MWh or 2.74 % was produced by Bogdanci wind farm.