North Macedonia, The value of electricity imports was 19 million euros in November

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North Macedonia relies heavily on imports to cover domestic electricity consumption. Thus, on Thursday, November 24, imports reached almost half of the total electricity production in the country.

As announced by the press service of the government in Skopje, the state producer AD ESM produced only 10,265 MWh of electricity on Thursday. 7,462 MWh was produced in thermal power plants, and 2,803 MWh in hydropower plants and the Bogdanci wind farm.

On the same day, ESM imported 4,580 MWh of electricity, the Government’s announcement added.

As ESM director Vasko Kovačevski announced a few days ago, the import of electricity so far in November has been higher than planned. Thus, instead of the planned 72,000 MWh, 82,150 MWh were procured, for which 19.6 million euros were paid.