Oil shale exploration project on hold, consultant still not selected

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Government of Serbia will repeat the procurement tender for selection of consultant for advisory position in joint venture project for oil shale exploration from Aleksinac basin.

23 domestic and foreign companies purchased the tender documentation but no formal bid was submitted within the projected time frame. The reason could be the small budget for this consultancy project, 20 mill dinars, as the projected value was based on this fact, stated Milivoje Mihajlovic director of Government office for media relations.The government will surely re-evaluate additional funds for this project.

This delay will disturb the oil shale project exploration as it is a government strategic orientation that this project starts as soon as possible. The reserves are existing and in large quantities, it is a project of strategic development, says Mihajlovic.

The repeated tender procedure will be realized within next month, all companies who already took the tender documents will begiven an opportunity to submit offer. The government is expecting that this advisory consultancy project for assessment and selection of joint venture partner will start soon.

Source Serbia-energy.com