OMV invested about 140 million Euros in Serbia, oil and petrol gas market liberalization match company regional development plans

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We welcomed free oil derivates import regime readily and we believe that liberalization is the cornerstone for the market development in Serbia, what consumers can have advantage of. OMV group has production capacities in region so it is logical that market liberalization was good for us.

We consider import liberalization as situation on Serbian market where we can provide products of high-quality. We support free market and healthy competition- said Karolj Lajko Managing Director of OMV Serbia.

Are different prices of oil derivates on pumps in Serbia in accordance with European standards?

-We expect to see spectrum of oil derivates prices in different gas stations of same company and we are convinced that this is positive happening development, especially when it comes to buyers’ interests. Competition has always has an impulse in making of high-quality products. OMV Company has a lot of experience in work at free market, and regulative changes are in accordance with EU standards at the moment. That practically means that competition market in Serbia supports OMV business philosophy of giving best services to its clients. That is a key to our success, not only in Serbia, but also in other countries which we cooperate with. OMV as premium brand continues to invest in its products and services so we are in condition to ensure highest level of service and fuel on our gas stations.

Are you satisfied with company position on Serbian market? Do you plan expanding of gas station network?

-We have ambitious business plans. OMV showed its commitment to growth on local market when it realized a row of significant investments. That actually means that OMV invested about 140million Euros in Serbia and according to Agency for Foreign Investments and Export Promotion (SIEPA)’s data- SIEPA is one of the biggest green-field investors. Our market part’s enlargement stays our strategy goal in the following 5 years. I believe that it is a realistic aim, so we won’t give up strategy which considers premium quality services offer and products to consumers “on the go”.

How would you estimate OMV business results in Serbia?

-We exist more than 10 years on Serbian market and it is noticeable that business increased on local level. We are focused on procedure optimization at the moment, so we can bring OMV performances to higher level. We are proud that we enriched gas stations’ content with including of multifunctional service centers with high-quality car washes, children playgrounds, cafes and restaurants. Our VIVA shops offer wide assortment of everyday products, including fresh food, quick meals and refreshments and they are very popular among consumers. However, negative effects of global economy crisis were felt in sector for fuel retail and presented big challenge for our business. However, Serbia successfully faced those challenges.

How does OMV gas stations network look like and how many people do you hire?

-We cover all important roads and cities in Serbia with the network of 61 gas stations. Average investment in opening of one gas station is over 2million Euros. Although, OMV directly hires 44 people, we are proud on data that we contributed employment with 1.300 people through gas stations network.

Strategy position

Having on mind the fact that OMV has its own production of oil derivates, is it an advantage to competition?

-It is an advantage for OMV, which production of oil derivates doesn’t organize only in Schwechat refinery in Austria, but in three more locations. Two refineries- Burghausen and Bayernoil where OMV has 45% of participation- they are in south Germany and Petrobrazi refinery is in Romania. Procession capacity is 22,3million tons per year, i.e. around 450.000barrels daily. When we talk about refinery locations and infrastructure, we can say that we take strategy position.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine/Danas

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