One more meeting on “Radljevo” was held, opening of the new OPM is planned for the next year

12. August 2013. / Mining

According to the announcements, excavation of overburden at the new, modern OPM shall commence in the mid of 2014, and the production of coal shall start in the second half of 2015.

If the activities regarding the opening of the new OPM keep the current pace, the production of coal in “Radljevo” is expected to start during the second half of the next year, as announced on July,8th after the meeting held in the Headquarters of the MB “Kolubara” in Lazarevac, at which the Director  of MB “Kolubara” Milorad Grčić, Chairman of the General Meeting of MB “Kolubara“Dragoljub Laković,and the president of the Municipality of UB Darko Glišić.

This meeting is the third in the line of meetings during the past couple of months, held with the aim to specify and accelerate the activities related to the new mine, that should, according to the plans, replace OPM “Veliki Crljeni“ and ensure long term supply of the Kolubara lignite for the thermal capacities.

Speaking about the importance of this capital business for the long term energy stability of our country, the director of MB “Kolubara“ Mr. Milorad Grčić said:

-The idea of opening OPM “Radljevo“ is more than three decades old,but, until now, out of the objective and subjective reasons, was not activated.This is one of the most important state projects, important not only for the Serbian electric power industry, but also for the whole region.

We think that it is realistic, providing we continue working with an unabated dynamics, to officially start the production in the new OPM in the first half of 2014.There is no doubt that we are going to succeed, with joint efforts, to honor the planned time schedule of the activities, which is more than ambitious. The miners know what it means to open the new OPM- that it is the beginning of the new life in economic, energy and social terms- said Mr. Grčić.

As pointed out on the occasion, for this job, some of the best experts in this field were engaged. One of the most important preconditions for its realization is good cooperation of all the actors involved – “Kolubara“, “Electric Power Industry“ and all the competent authorities in the Municipality of UB, where the new OPM is situated.

Assistant director of the EPS Head Office for production of energy and the Chairman of the Meeting of MB “Kolubara”, Dragoljub Laković,pointed out after the meeting:

– All of us are investing maximum efforts in order for the project to succeed.We set the deadlines that are “strict”, but in my opinion, realistic. Although this is about the replacing capacity, “Radljevo” must not be forced, but a new, modern OPM that the Serbian electric power industry would be proud of.

The exploitation of lignite from “Radljevo”, that has the reserves of 350 million tons of coal, was planned to be conducted in three phases. In the first phase, for which all the necessary equipment was provided, the annual production should be in range from 3.5 to 5 million tons, which is about the amount that is currently missing for the Serbian TPPs. In the second phase, the capacity would be increased for about five million tons of coal, while in the third phase the OPM would reach maximum increase in capacity, depending on the needs or better to say on building the new thermal capacities – explained Mr. Laković.

Mr. Darko Glišić, president of the Municipality of Ub, thanked to the persons in charge from MB “Kolubara” and EPS for the efforts they have put so the project “Radljevo”, which represents a great chance for the development of this municipality, finally could be launched.

– It is up to us to be maximally ready to help in providing all necessary conditions for the realization of this large undertaking, that is precious for our municipality – pointed out Mr. Glišić.

On this occasion, some specific steps were announced that are going to be taken during the next couple of months. Until the end of July, personnel scheme is going to be closed, which means that until then, the experts in charge of the contract realization shall be engaged in two bodies – the Council and The Group for investments. A new session of the General Meeting was scheduled for the beginning of August, and it was also envisaged that the premises in the Ub Municipality shall be opened until the 1stSeptember.

А. Pavlović

Source; RBK

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