Open pit mine “Tamnava- West” in the first six months, production pillar in “Kolubara”

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This mine has exploited 6.5milliontons of coal and 16 million cubic meters of overburden with a significant over fulfillment of the planned amounts

After completion of the investment repair on the coal systems at the open pit mines of “Tamnava-West Field”, and transferring of the overburden system from the open pit mine “Veliki Crljeni” in early June, the production results of the “Kolubara” coal mine, are significantly above the plan,as well as they were in the past.

In the first half of the year, the coal production was the highest in “Kolubara”; it has been exploited 6.5 million tons of coal, which is nearly 18 percent higher than planned.At this mine field, it has been excavated and deposited 16 million cubic meters of solid mass,which is the highest amount of all the mines in this period, and that is 29 percent more than planned.

In June, of all the systems, only the First ECS system did not fulfill the plan, the realization was 93.7 percent. During the month, there were some failure son bucket wheel excavator “BWE 2000”, at the ball bearing of central hopper car and at the circular motion gear. The consequence was the operation of the excavator with the reduced, or, as the miners say, dim capacity. The second overburden system has been constantly effective since the beginning of the year, and its time utilization is 74 percent and average capacity of 3,600 cubic meters per hour.In June, the performance of this system was 37 percent higher than planned.

About mine’s readiness for the following actions, Miroslav Krnetić, technical director, said:

– Technical capability of the mine is at such level that it is ready not only to meet the expectations this year, but to exceed them.  At the moment, there are no elements that would lead to any delay in production.

According to him, the benches  at all the systems are precisely defined, and they are developing as planned at the disposal sites, in compliance with the technological and technical requirements. The disposal sites are separated, the inter layer of the overburden is at the projected level and all preparations have been done at the Second ECS system in order to lower the level for five and a half meters, which will be executed during the investment repair of this system at the end of July.

Technical capability of coal systems is very good. In terms of technology, “Tamnava- West Field” has gained a lot from the mine “Veliki Crljeni” by the inclusion in the operation of the overburden system.It still doesn’t give the expected results, but it has been estimated that, over the next month, it will be ready to fit into the production parameters of the other coal systems. “Spreader 4”is, due to the burning at the electrical plant, out of production, and, as Mr. Krnetić said, the fault should be repaired by the end of the month. Thanks to the good redistribution of the machinery, standing by of the “Spreader 4” doesn’t affect the results of the mine operation.

In the following period, at the “Tamnava West Field”, the alternative relocation of the road Radljevo-Skobalj will be replaced with the final solution.The deadline for this operation is one year, during which time there must be the relocation of the retention2 (small artificial lake which is used for the drainage of the terrain).

М. Dimitijevic

Record of overburden production

The second overburden system of the open pit “Tamnava- West Field” has, within 20 days, twice achieved the record daily production.

This modern system of the most productive mine in MB “Kolubara” is, according to the data of the Production Department, has excavated and disposed, in July 3rd, in three shifts, 75,791 cubic meters of overburden, which is the highest daily production of an overburden system in “Kolubara”.

In 13 July, the employees at the overburden system have achieved a production of 74,435, which is 1,356 cubic meters of overburden less than the new record.

Source; RBK