Opposition with Slovenia Sostanj TPP new unit to repeat with Kolubara B TPP?

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Many NGOs from Slovenia indicated problems that are following investments in Sostanj plant in recent letters dedicated to leaders of European Investment Bank, Bank for Renewal and Development (EBRD).

Many problems that this investment of 750 million EUR caused are stated in the mentioned letter which leads us to bigger cautiousness with TPP Kolubara B in Serbia in order to avoid similar problems like in “Sostanj” example.

Letter mentiones that some investments are displaced in renewable energy sources and that 33 to 48 persons die because of influenced health problems and that these caused illnesses cost Serbia 168 to 242 million EUR. Investigation was lead by European Office for Fight against Corruption OLAF because of corruption and the project was done out of public sight.

Many NGOs in Serbia think that investment in Kolubara is similar to Sostanj and it should be reconsidered because of all mentioned facts. Our Slovenian colleges have made a comparison of Sustanj with projects in Serbia and Kosovo warning us that if we don’t fall in the same trap.

Source; Serbia Energy/Cekor