Overhaul of the new ECS System in the Field “B”, several complex tasks performed

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The overhaul deadline was extended due to the problems arising in connection with the dismantling and installing of the new bucket wheel gearbox on the BWE“Glodar 6”

The planned overhaul of the First ECS system in the oldest OPM of “Kolubara”, Field “B”, started on July 1st. According to the words of the mine director, Mr. Rade Milinković, due to reduced scope of planned works on the excavator “Glodar 6“ and “Spreader 5” it was initially planned that the overhaul lasts 10 to 15 days. However, the problems that appeared during the dismantling and mounting of the new bucket wheel gearbox on the excavator “Glodar 6” forced an extension of the deadline for completion of works.

He also says that it is necessary to perform a reconstruction of a part of the system in this period due to a lack of storage space for excavated overburden.

The chief of the first ECS system, Mr. Zvonko Grbović, said that the reconstruction is related to the discharge part of the system, i.e. stationary belt B7 and the discharge belt C5 that shall belied to new locations.

– It is envisaged to perform replacement of up to 300 m of belt and to repair many damaged belt joints, which means increased number of vulcanization- Mr. Grbović points out.

“Kolubara Metal” is the performer of investment works, but Mr. Grbović points out that the previous overhaul was performed well thanks to which the BWE “Glodar 6“ is in the sound condition. The more extensive mechanical works shall include dismantling and installing of the certain parts of the BWE.

– Although the“Spreader 5“ was as well in a good shape, its repair with the aim of improving its operational readiness also started during the reconstruction of the system discharge section. The more important works on the substructure include the inspection of the travel gearbox, bogies and supporting idlers, as well as the replacement of the plates with the elements, while the works on the superstructure shall include an inspected of the thrust ball bearing with the elements. According to the plan, an inspection and “rearrangement“ of the belt conveyor gearboxes is also envisaged.- says Mr. Grbović.

Overhaul works on the “Spreader 5“ are performed by the machine shop for maintenance of the “Field B“ excavators together with the help of the spreader crew. As regards the electricity worksduring the overhaul, extensive works are not envisaged.

D. Vesković


Excavator Conveyor Separation system records production increase

Coal or overburden, depending on the need, will be transported from the third ECS system

The overhaul of the ECL system operating within OPM Field “B” was finished, together with the planned extension of works on the excavator “Glodar 4” and “Mobile transfer conveyor 1200”. Until the planned activities are finished, the excavator “C700” is going to operate on the ECL system. The advantage of the particular situation in which the excavator as the main excavation unit of the third ECS system operates on the second system(inter burden)is going to be taken for reconstruction of the slewing conveyor.

The director of the oldest “Klubara” coal mine, Mr. Rade Milinković,talking on this job, said that it is of great importance for the third ECS system because, thanks to this excavator, the problem of the inter burden located between the coal seams would be solved more efficiently. Namely, the introduction of the slewing conveyor would enable transport of coal or overburden from this system.

– With certain changes made on the very bearing of the slewing mechanism and by lifting of the platform on which it is mounted, it will be possible to achieve easier shifting from one position to another as well as easier cleaning of the material under the conveyor. Upon return of the “C700“ to the third ECS system, coal that is excavated near the “Mobile transfer conveyor 3“ is going to be transported by the slewing conveyor to the ECSeparation system, because in that part of the OPM we have fewer quantities of coal, due to the unsolved issue of Baroševac cemetery relocation. If the excavator during its work runs into the inter burden, the excavated cubic meters will be transported to the dump site through the slewing conveyor and “Spreader 4“ – said Mr. Milinković.

The incorporation of the slewing conveyor into the third ECS system operations will not only result in more efficient spreading of the inter burden but will also bring an increase in the production of ECSeparation system is going to be reached.

Benefits of incorporating the slewing conveyor into the operations of the third ECS system will include more efficient spreading of interburden and achieving better production results of the ECSeparation system.

D. Vesković

Source; RBK