Overhaul project on EPS Hydro power plant Bajina Basta,status report

13. July 2012. / News Serbia Energy

In stator of generator H3 in HPP Bajina Basta new rotor-310 kg heavy, has been lowered today. Preparations for this delicate operation began this morning at 4 a.m., in order to avoid high temperatures and to facilitate the work of the contractors.

After preparations, during the morning, there were some problems related to tools, rotor was first drawn to the assembly area of mechanical hall through the machine hole, and then lowered into H3 generator. Before lowering, there were complete undoing of rotor, development of new rotor arm, treatment and processing of hub in one factory in Germany, dismantling of plates and rehabilitation og rotor poles. Large number of partial tests on auxiliary equipment and systems (on stator, rotor, turbine and bearings) was also done.

Beside that, preparations with special security measures are done, the best experts from HPP Bajina Basta are engaged, in order to complete the rotor and to place it at its own place. These specific operations require extremly reliable operation of cranes, special cables and experienced team, as well as favourable weather.

Given that all conditions listed below were met, with particular attention and small problems this work and is almost finished.

Every job carries a certain risk, which must be reduced to a minimum, which is exactly what

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