PCC subsidiary receives construction permit for hydropower plant in Macedonia

6. July 2012. / SEE Energy News

PCC’s Macedonian project entity PCC HYDRO DOOEL Skopje received the last authority seal for construction of the small hydropower plant “Gradecka”. Thereby the construction permit which has been issued on June 6, 2012, became legally valid after the official period of objection. The power plant will be located at river Gradecka about 90 kilometres east of the capital Skopje. The construction of the power plant will be started shortly. The construction period will – depending on weather conditions during the winter ahead – last about nine to eleven months.

PCC HYDRO is a subsidiary of the German PCC DEG Renewables GmbH (Duisburg). Besides power plant “Gradecka” it develops three other small hydropower plants in Macedonia. The overall investment volume will be about 11 Mill.

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