Platinum found in Majdanpek Coka Marin 1 mine, precious materials with copper, gold, silver and platinum increases the value of the future investors

14. June 2012. / Uncategorized

Coka Marin 1 exploration field contains large reserves of platinum, with analysis of 1000 tons of raw material from this mine platinum was confirmed. According to daily news Novosti confirmed platinum reserves do actually exist.

Coka Marin 1 mine field in which the raw material of 240.000 tons are confirmed there is 4,4% of copper and more than 10grams per ton of gold and 100 grams of silver per ton, while latest analysis confirmed that this mine also have 5,3 grams of platinum per ton, which increases the value of this mine.

In the same time the mine got approved from the Ministry of mining the consent on exploration impact study so now the mine is awaiting the extension of exploration permit so Coka Marin can officially start exploration.

For purchase of the concentrated raw material from Coka Marin mine the interest came from a number of world famous mining companies. Exploration and processing of gold, silver and platinum is something which cant be done in domestic national mining processing facilities therefore the investors are expected to enter this project also.

Again this is one of the latest confirmations of Serbian precious metals and mining potentials, as gold, silver, copper and platinum are just some of the confirmed findings in Eastern Serbia province.

Source Serbia Energy Magazin

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