Players on the Bulgarian RES Market

16. July 2012. / SEE Energy News

Key institutions on the Bulgarian RES Market are the Ministry of Economy, Energy and Tourism, the State Commission for Energy and Water Regulation and the 3 energy networks concessioners – EVN, e.ON and CEZ. These are the primary institutions, according to the proposed new Act on RES, which will engineer the development of the sector in the coming years.

Major providers of services and equipment come from Germany, Austria, Japan and the USA as these form the upper price segment of the market. Alternatively, companies from China and India provide lower cost products.

In terms of strategic investors in the PV and WP projects, along with Bulgarian companies, entities from China, Austria, Germany, Japan, Korea and the USA prove long term interest in developing scalable RE generating facilities in Bulgaria.

Some of the major stakeholders in PV and WP projects in Bulgaria include the Japanese Mitsubishi, Sharp and Heavy Industries, the American AES, the Italian ENEL, the German We2, the Korean SDN etc. Allegedly, the National Energy Company

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