Postponing of Serbia part of South Stream deadline bothers Gazprom and Russia?

9. April 2013. / News Serbia Energy

Postponing the date of beginning of pipeline construction causes negative reactions from Russian partners. The project will be more than a year late. Bajatovic: “we accomplished everything we had arranged earlier”.

While “South Stream” works are being expected , comments that Serbia doesn’t acquire all conditions for the most expensive European project arrives from the Russian side. State advisor of Russian Federation, Modest Kolerov explained this last week. He said that Serbia doesn’t act in accordance with concluded agreements between ex Administration of the country and Vladimir Putin.

However, Dusan Bajatovic denies these attacks and says that everything is going according to the plan.

-It’s not clear that we are not acquiring orders related to South Stream- Bajatovic said. –All arranged and other obligations are being respected. This was concluded from the conversation with state top during the visit of Aleksey Miller, only couple days ago.

The arrival of Russian delegation brought a new deadline for launching the construction of the first compressor station in our country. The beginning of works on South Stream is primarily determined for December next year. The date is postponed for January, March, and then for the last quarter of this year. President of Gasprom’s Managing Board moved the date for ground stone to 2014.

-The project South Stream is going according to the plan and the beginning of works is predicted to happen in December 2013- January 2014, Miller said in conversation to Serbian President during the visit to our country on Wednesday.

-Gas will come to Bulgarian borders within South Stream in December 2015 and deliveries of this energy to Serbia will begin in 2016.

75 million EUR of total 1,7 million EUR will be provided from Serbian budget for South Stream project. One part of state money will be used for expropriation, and another for accession works. The rest of money will be provided from the credit.

“Srbijagas” workers are visiting parcels’ owners and 4.000 of them already accepted to sell the land. Suggestion for expropriation can be sent three years from the law enforcement the latest. The user will be the Company South Stream from Novi Sad that will get right to use land 7 days after publishing the solution.

The biggest energy project will have 4 tracks on the old continent with 15,57 billion cubic meters’ capacity yearly. Direct relation between producer and consumer will be made on two meters’ depth under the Black Sea.

Main pipeline through Serbia will be spread in length of 415 km. In comparison, Croatian branch is 56 km long and RS branch about 100 km.

Source;Serbia Energy/Novosti daily/Agencies

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