Power Plants Nikola Tesla TENT, stable development biggest electricity producer in Serbia, talk with Mr.Knezevic Director of TENT CE

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20 billion kWh was generated in 2011. There are significant eco- projects along with the power increase and energy efficiency of the units. Total investments of EUR 1.1 billion by 2017.

In 2011 Electric Power Industry of Serbia and its subsidiary companies showed an exquisite vitality and ability to manage risks, and the highest risk was a long drought. Overcoming the difficulties caused by the drought, EPS lost significant part of the possible profit but at the same time it marked production records that will be recorded in the history of Serbian energy sector. In general, EPS operated very well in all energy sectors- coal and electricity production, distribution where the losses were reduced and charges increased compared to the previous year. However, 2011 was marked by a record coal production and electricity generation from coal where the threshold of possible was reached in order to reduce the consequences of the long drought as much as possible.