Power supply back to normal for industries

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The electricity situation in Serbia is stable, while emergency measures limiting supply to commercial entities are no longer in effect.

Members of a working group set up to secure stable electricity supply met in Belgrade on Monday to lift the measures introduced during the period of extremely cold weather, and to call on consumers to continue to save energy.

On Sunday, a total of 129 million kWh were used up in Serbia, which came as a result of lower industrial consumption and lower consumption during the holiday last week, and weekend.

Director-General of the Electric Power Industry of Serbia (EPS) Dragomir Markovic said that EPS recommended that measures for reduction of decorative and public lightning should remain in force over the next week or so, as well as the measures for partial limitation of additional electricity transfers for EPS needs.

Markovic noted that the total energy cut last week totaled around eight per cent and added that although it has reduced, the import of energy is still high and that additional import totaled from 13 to 15 million kWh per day.

Higher temperatures contribute to lower electricity consumption, coal deposits for thermal power plants are renewed while hydro-power plants are still working below the 30 per cent capacity level, Markovic said and added that only when hydro-power plants start operating normally can the situation be said to have completely stabilized.

Markovic noted that EPS paid around EUR 65 million for the additional electricity import during the cold wave which is why he called on consumers to pay their electricity bills on a regular basis.

The EPS director-general said that he does not expect the