Preparations underway for EPS reorganization into Joint Stock Company

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Turning PE EPS into EPS Joint Stock Company has been prepared – the decision of the Government of Serbia is being waited for – the Memorandum of Association of all companies within EPS is going to be changed in order to create preconditions for integral management in EPS. – Starting from the New Year, intensive activities of legal separation of distribution system operators and suppliers shall be initiated.

When the managing director of PE EPS, Mr. Aleksandar Obradović announced in November  that the Government of the Republic of Serbia by its conclusion accepted “Baselines for reorganization of PE  Electric Power Industry of Serbia“ and that the changes shall start from January 1st 2013, out of unspoken  wondering “whether  it is possible that after many years of pondering, analyzing, estimating, consulting and studies on possible organization and transformation of EPS, the changes can really occur so quickly”, there appeared the question what is supposed to be done in terms of standards so that EPS could begin with the New year. This was the journal edition subject of our conversation with Mr.Dragan Veljić, the director of EPS Head Office for legal and general affairs.

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