Procedure for construction of power/gas facilities

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The Energy Law and the Rulebook on the Criteria for the Issuance of an Energy Permit, the Application Content and the Permission Procedure (“Official Gazette of the RS” No. 23/06 and 113/08 of December 20, 2008) stipulate that energy facilities shall be built in accordance with the Law regulating spatial planning and construction of buildings, technical and other regulations, under previously obtained energy permits. The energy permit in the field of natural gas shall be obtained for the construction and reconstruction of natural gas transportation facilities, natural gas storage facilities, natural gas distribution facilities and liquefied natural gas storage facilities. Energy permit in the field of electricity shall be obtained for the construction and reconstruction of electricity generation facilities of over 1 MW and electricity transmission and distribution facilities of voltage over 35 kV.

Application for energy permit can be submitted by local or foreign legal or private persons. Energy permits are issued by the Minister responsible for energy affairs. Energy permits can be issued under the condition that the construction of the energy facility applying for the energy permit is