Production in the TPPs “Kostolac” – In 2013 capital overhauls are not planned on either of four aggregates so the hour engagement of power units is going to be max

31. January 2013. / News Serbia Energy

Severe winter that started already in December announced mobile situation in the complete mining and thermo- energetic sector in Kostolac and the confirmation is required that the capacities are stable regarding production and distribution of electricity but also heating energy for the towns of Požarevac and Kostolac and surrounding settlements. The production is stable on all four aggregates that were in operation during the whole year so the delivery in December was almost 13 million kWh of electricity. It is expected that the power unit B2 is going to produce more than 8.4 million kWh daily, after the running in phase is over.

In that regard, it is obvious that realization of the annual plan is near with good chances to be completely achieved. The reason for the possible failure in achieving the plan is deadline extension for the finishing of the revitalization of the power unit B2. The first deadline was November 1st which is now extended to November 9th. That had a great impact on the total plan fulfillment. Nonetheless, the realization of the planned frame is possible thanks to very good functioning of TPP “Kostolac A” power units. Regardless of  the fact that they also provide heating energy for the remote heating system, both units until December 11th  produced some 1.978 billion kWh – or three percent more than  planned. Block B1 operates above the plan, having produced in the same period 2.1 billion kWh above the plan. Planned production of the electricity for this year is 5.4 billion kWh, and by mid- December 4.8 kWh were produced. The production of the remaining 600 million kWh is possible after the power unit B2 starts its operation, but this is a bit over the technical capabilities of TPPs of Kostolac. The annual plan realization should be expected to be near the balance – says Mr. Zlatko Zokošek, the director of the Head Office for the electricity production. For the next year 2013, capital overhauls are not planned on either of our four power units, so the engagement of blocks per hour is going to be maximal. So the corresponding balance of electricity production amounts to 6.6 billion kWh and in the same time this production is on the upper limit of technical capacity of Kostolac PPs. Maximal reached production until now  of 6.2 billion kWh was achieved last year.

If we are talking about the operation of all four power units in winter conditions, in Thermal Power Plants they believe that they are going to achieve set goals of stable production and delivery of electricity.  Overhaul of all power units and heating facility was performed and all the facilities are in satisfactory technical condition. The important precondition for stable operation in winter season is sufficient quantity of energy sources, both coal and liquid fuel. Current stocks of coal on both stockpiles are sufficient, and there is also enough fuel oil and oil. It is very important for the loss of water in the power units and in the system for remote heating to be within the envisaged frame, because technical capacities of demineralized water are limited.

Source; Kwh/Serbia Energy

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