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Serbia Energy Magazine is a leading Serbian and Balkans market information hub, providing latest updates on ventures, projects and opportunities in Serbia and neighbouring energy regional markets. Being one the first in the region Serbia Energy gathers the energy stakeholders in the region, business community both domestic and international.

Beside being information and market resource point, the Serbia Energy Magazine allows companies to present their achievements and announcements, as well as business offers and invitations.

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Market Monitoring Service *MMS* is an intelligence system of monitoring and early warning on industry threats and opportunities in Serbia and West Balkans, which in a form of a well-arranged report regularly delivers quality information necessary for corporate planning and decision-making to managers’ e-mail boxes.

MMS is much more than just a mere monitoring of media and other, mostly online information resources. Rather than a clipping service, it can be perceived as outsourced competitive intelligence based on thorough selection and verification of the most important information from various and often hardly-obtainable resources.

Although we rely on technology to collect most of the required data from various sources, all information are hand-picked, excerpted and analyzed by our analysts to deliver you a compact knowledge of current happenings in your industry.

Industry Reports & Tenders

Special industry reports per specific target sub-sector are available for delivery to clients.

The readers who will mostly benefit from the content of our daily and special content reports are: energy trading companies, investors, consulting companies, financial institutions, electricity generation companies, electricity distribution companies, transmission system operators, authorities etc.

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