Realization of the “Green project” in MB “Kolubara”, Agreements on delivery and mounting of the equipment

26. July 2013. / Mining

Meetings of the representatives of EPS and MB “Kolubara” and renowned world companies,that will be responsible for the delivery and mounting of theECS system for the OPM “Field C”.

First meetings of EPS and MB “Kolubara” with contractors for the delivery and mounting of the ESC system for the OPM “Field C” were held in Lazarevac, on 5 and 6 June in the MB “Kolubara” Headquarters. The procurement of the ECS system for the OPM“Field C” is part of the project “Environmental Protection Improvement in PE EPS and MB “Kolubara” which is financed by the loan of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD).

Speaking of significance of this project, Mr. Milorad Grčić, the director of MB “Kolubara” , pointed out that the realization of the project is significant not only for energy sector, but also for Lazarevac and Obrenovac.

– This is another evidence that even miners can contribute to the environmental protection and preservation, and not only to the pollution and violation of the visual field of the municipalities in which coal is being excavated. In addition to significant benefits from the environmental point of view, the project will bring a high level of modernization, production; standardization of coal quality that will be transported to TENT, with better air control- said Mr. Grčić.

Joint meeting with all the contractors was held on the first day, and on the second day separate meetings were held withall the project participants.

The meeting was opened by Mr. MihailoPetrović, deputy director of MB “Kolubara”, who emphasized the importance of the project implementation according to the plan because the opening of the erection yard,where all the equipment will be mounted, is envisaged for the end of 2015.

At the meeting, which was led by Mr.SlobodanMitrović, operations manager of the project implementation team , all the project managers of the contractors and MB “Kolubara”were presented. The consultants in this phase of the project, the representatives of the German company RWE, presented the “Instruction for the project implementation”, where the definitions for its implementationare defined.

Within the procurement and mounting processes of the new ECS system are BWE, belt conveyers ,spreader and power supply system. In addition to modern technical solutions,the contemporary solutions of noise and dust protection will installed on this system, in order to meet the strict standards of environmental protection and occupational safety. Guarantees that all the parts of the “Green Project” will be implemented are  already signed contracts.

The contract for delivery and mounting of the excavator is signed with the German company ”Thyssen Krupp”. For delivery and mounting of the belt conveyor, the contract is signed with the consortium of Polish companies. The contract for delivery and mounting of the spreader is signed with the Swedish-Austrian company “Sandvik”,while the contract for delivery and mounting of the power supply system is signed with the domestic company “Montprojekt”.By implementing this project, MB “Kolubara” will improve its production and environmental protection, which guarantees a continuity of a secure and reliable coal production.

Source :RBK

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