Realized and announced energy FDI projects in Serbia 2012/2013

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Renewable sources’ investors were really concerned in 2012 because state had announced decrease of feed in tariffs and so new measures for electricity production initiative were awaited impatiently.

Considering the fact that Ministry of Energy didn’t adopted new measures until 24 January this year, we shall see the reaction of investors and how many planned objects will be realized in 2013.

Despite the challenges of wind investors in Serbia,many RES projects were started as well as the expected major HPPs projects of RWE and Italian Secci in Serbia. Gazprom already manages local and regional expansion of its oil distribution network as well as its gas supply project South Stream.

Biggest project solar park 2 billion EUR worth is initiated by Luxembourg Company “Securum Equity Partners” which announced a construction of solar plant with 1.000 MW of installed power, at the end of 2011. Memorandum for construction was signed with Serbian Government in 2012. The company placed its offices in the business center “Ušće” and announced that installation of solar panels will start in the spring 2013.

RWE German energy giant and “Elektroprivreda Srbije” representatives signed a memorandum for development and cooperation in energy area. Agreement for construction of TPP “Nikola Tesla 3” and HPP on Morava by RWE was accomplished. Both constructions will cost more than 2 billion EUR.

The wind park, 300 MW strong that should be constructed by “Continental Wind Partners” (CWP) near Kovin. Although American company said  it will give up 450 million Euros investment in Serbia because of feed in tariffs, we found out that CWP hasn’t given up “Čibuk” wind park construction.

Construction of “South Stream” that will transfer Russian gas under Black Sea, over Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary and Slovenia to customers in Italia, that presents 16 billion EUR worth investment, began on Russian coast of Black Sea in December 2012. Although the start of construction of South Stream through our country was announced for January 2013, we still wait for start of gas corridor construction start.

Construction of ten small hydro power plants on Ibar, 350 million EUR worth, will begin in mid of the year. This project was arranged on the meeting of Serbian Premier Ivica Dacic with Chairman of Italian Industrial Group “Maccaferri” Gaetan Maccaferri in October last year.

Wind power plants from Plandište, Investor of “Wind park Plandište” got permission for the construction of wind power plant that is 3,22 million EUR worth. Agreement of “Naftna Industrija Srbije” with “Energoworld” Company for taking over 50% of shares in project of the wind park construction in Plandište was also a piece of news that came from Banat.

Gasprom’s first gas station in Serbia, opened on Pančevački put in Belgrade in December 2012. There will be around 30 stations, according to announcements. “Naftna Industrija Srbije” will direct the Gasprom’s net of gas stations operatively. There will be 100 of them on Balkan until the end of 2013.

Austrian Company “GL&A Holding” decided to invest in renewable sources in our country after investing in Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia and BiH. It is Ilandža project, 14 million EUR worth, that should start working in the beginning of 2013.

The biggest solar plant in Serbia, 2MW strong, which began to work this year. Company “Solar Matarova” seated in Novi Sad whose establisher is “Gascom Balkan” from Belgrade, started a construction of solar power plant near Kuršumlija in April 2012. Italian Company “Gascom” announced investments in four similar facilities in Serbia still, as well as investments in biomass plants.

60 million EUR worth wind power plant near Negotin, planned by “Vat energija”, is one of the RES projects.

The news that EPS and Company “Lotika” have signed an agreement for establishment of the common corporation that will participate in financing and construction of two solar and two hydro power plants, as well as one biomass power plant with total strength of 5 MW.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine