Rebublika Srpska: Power utility Elektroprivreda RS concessionar for Drina river HPP Buk Bijela

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Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining of the Republic Srpska Petar Đokić said that the Government award the concession for the construction of hydro power plant “Buk Bijela”  to the company “Elektroprivreda Republike Srpske” and the hydro power plant “Višegrad” within 15 days.

Đokić said that the intention of the Government is o make “Elektroprivreda” the carrier of the construction of the largest power plants in the Republic Srpska.

– Entering the implementation of the project  “Buk Bijela”, with four power plants planned, “Elektroprivreda” will be presented as one of the largest investors and carrier of the construction of large energy projects in this part of Europe – said Đokić for today’s “Pres Republika Srpska”.

He added that the Government has not changed its stance on privatization of “Elektroprivreda”, which is also the stance of the National Assembly of Srpska.

– There will be no privatization of “Elektroprivreda” more than what was privatized when we went through the process of complete privatization of the economy of Srpska from 1998 to 2005 – said Đokić.

According to him, after the collapse of the South Stream project and the freezing of the Turkish stream, there has been work in the Republic Srpska on a project of gasification, whereby it is especially necessary to work on the extension towards Krajina.

– So far we have not discussed the possibility of connecting to the new gas lines “Tesla” which is announced in Serbia. We have formed a joint energy committee with Serbia and we will activate its work, and consider several issues, one of them being the participation in energy projects between the Republic Srpska and Serbia. In the context of these issues there was the question of gasification – said Đokić.

Speaking about the initiative for the construction of the Adriatic-Ionian gas lines, Đokić said that it is not realistic and that it cannot be achieved.

– The first reason is that it is too expensive and no country in the region has the money plus I think that this is one of the least profitable gas pipelines that have appeared like an interesting project for the area of ​​BIH or other countries of the former Yugoslavia – said Đokić, transmits