Rebuilt TPP Kostolac enabled record production

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Electricity production of the thermal energy sector of Serbia, after the entry of B2 block of TPP Kostolac B and its stabilization after start up and synchronization to the grid, records the largest daily electricity production of 92.6 GWh without Panonske thermal power plants.

If you add their production after the revitalization of  the plant to the balance, then the record of 94.2 GWh per day is the biggest production rate ever in the Electric Power Industry of Serbia. Kostolac participation in the overall production of EPS thermal power sector is 22.4 percent of the electricity, and they delivered 20.7 GWh of electricity to the system, which is also near the record achieved last February.

Also we should mention that the coal sector is operating at full capacity and ensured stocks in the dumps, and in Kostolac more than 20,000 tons of coal is delivered daily from the pit “Drmno”.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine