Record production in thermal power plants Nikola Tesla *TENT*

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CE Thermal power plants Nikola Tesla, with its all 4 locations, produced since the start of 2012 more than 6,3 billion kwh of electricity, stated Djordji Biljanovski deputy director of TENT CE.

Biljanovski also noticed that production plan in TENT is still not completed as production of electricity is decreased due to the overhaul projects, and during nights the units are also decreasing the output power due to the increased production in hydro power plants.

According to Biljanovski the production result for this year period is quite satisfactory, considering the fact that the coal reserves of TENT were low during February cold wave. TENT in 2011 produced more than 20 billion kwh of electricity.

In 2012 in all thermal power plants within TENT the investments value of the overhaul and modernization projects is 22 billion dinars.

TENT started the six month overhaul of 600 MW B1 unit and expecting the start up of unit A5 complex overhaul. Upon modernization of units B1 and B2, this TENT B power plant will gain another 120MW power and will increase the energy efficiency of the facility, concluded Biljanovski.