Region, Core go-live planned for 20 April 2022 must be postponed

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Core project parties concluded that the Core go- live planned for 20 April 2022 must be postponed as a go-live on this date could not be supported by some Core project parties.

Market Coupling processes are prepared and Core joint project parties are technically ready in the preparation of their local and central systems and expect to finish remaining activities (last required tests and bilateral contracts) before 20 April 2022.

There are however concerns expressed by some Core NEMOs and TSOs:

– The timing of the Core FB DA go-live considering the current market context – in combination with the other concerns listed below;

– The not sufficiently demonstrated stability of the DA pre-market coupling process in Flow-Based DA capacity calculation, and the impact on capacities when fallbacks need to be applied;

– The impact on ID ATC capacities, for which the methodology will be known mid-April and for which TSOs possibly need to develop tools for maximizing capacities while maintaining system security;

– The issue of undue discrimination triggered by too low capacities provided on critical network elements.

Similar concerns were also shared by market parties associations.

Core project parties are working hard to minimize the delay and will communicate a new go-live date as soon as the concerns are assessed.

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