Region, Montenegro has the lowest retail fuel prices in the region

, SEE Energy News

The Montenegrin Government claims that the country has the cheapest fuel in the region.

Namely, the price of Super 95 motor fuel in Montenegro is 1.26 euros per liter. This is lower compared to 1.35 euros/liter in Slovenia, 1.37 euros/liter in North Macedonia, 1.39 euros/liter in Croatia, 1.46 euros/liter in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1.48 euros/liter in Serbia and 1.69 euros/liter in Albania.

The price of Super 98 motor fuel is 1.3 euros/liter in Montenegro. North Macedonia follows with 1.4 euros/liter, then Croatia (1.46 euros), Serbia (1.65 euros), Bosnia and Herzegovina (1.67 euros) and Slovenia with 1.7 euros/liter.

Regarding diesel, the price in Montenegro amounts to 1.48 euros/liter, the same as in North Macedonia, but lower compared to 1.52 euros/liter in Croatia, 1.6 euros/liter in Slovenia, 1.64 euros/ liter in Bosnia and Herzegovina, 1.83 euros/liter in Serbia and 1.88 euros/liter in Albania.