Region, Peter Szijjarto and Aleksandar Vulin have commissioned a gas interconnector between the two countries

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Hungarian Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Peter Szijjarto and Serbian Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin have commissioned a gas interconnector between the two countries, which will deliver Russian gas to Hungary via TurkStream pipeline.

The two officials said that the launch of the interconnector will ensure the higher level of energy independence for both countries, as well as the diversification of supply sources.

Earlier this week, Hungary signed new 15-year gas supply agreement with Russian Gazprom. Gazprom will supply 4.5 billion cubic meters of gas to Hungary annually, via two routes: 3.5 billion via Serbia and 1 billion via Austria. The agreement is valid for 10+5 years, which means that after 10 years there is an option to modify purchased quantities. Minister Szijjarto said that the new price is much more favorable than the one Hungary used to pay under the previous agreement, signed back in 1995.

Serbia has commissioned its section of TurkStream gas pipeline extension, connecting Bulgarian and Hungarian borders, on 1 January 2021. The length of the main gas pipeline through Serbian territory is 403 kilometers. It enters Serbia in Zajecar and exits it at Horgos. The first section goes from the Bulgarian border to Cuprija, the second from Cuprija to the Danube, the third from the Danube to Zrenjanin and the fourth from Gospodjinci to Subotica.

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