Region: Slovenian Petrol regional retail fuel market leader

, SEE Energy News

Last week, Slovenian Petrol bought a chain of 91 petrol stations from Croatian fuel retailer Crodux, thus establishing itself in second place in Croatia in terms of market share in fuel retail. However, with this acquisition, the company took the first place in the region in terms of the number of petrol stations, which have so far been held by the Croatian INA. Following the acquisition of Crodux, Petrol took over the leading position in the region from INA in terms of the number of petrol stations.

Prior to the acquisition of Crodux retail network, Petrol had 110 petrol stations in Croatia, which has now risen to 201. However, INA is still the leader on the Croatian fuel market with 396 petrol stations, followed by Petrol, Lukoil with 47 and Tifon with 43.

In Slovenia, Petrol currently operates 318 stations, 42 in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), 15 in Serbia and Montenegro each, and 10 in Kosovo. INA operates 105 petrol stations in BiH, 11 in Montenegro (11) and 6 in Slovenia. Serbian NIS, which is majority owned by Russian GazpromNeft, has a total of 409 petrol stations, of which 314 are in Serbia, 43 in BiH, 34 in Bulgaria, and 19 in Romania.