Region, Spot prices up over 600% on Monday

, SEE Energy News

Wholesale electricity prices in Europe rose sharply in most countries on Monday, January 2, 2023. They ranged from 104.97 euros per MWh in Switzerland to 258.4 euros per MWh in Greece.

Day-ahead electricity prices for delivery on Monday increased by as much as over 1,500% compared to the previous day, as much as the increase in Spain and Portugal. On the first day of 2023, they ranged from 6.7 euros per MWh in Spain to 237.87 euros per MWh in Greece. In most countries of Southeast and Central Europe, prices did not exceed 20 euros per MWh on Sunday.

The most expensive market in the region on Sunday, after Greece, was the Italian one – with 193.14 euros per MWh, while the price in Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, and Bulgaria ranged between 17 and 18 euros per MWh. The spot price in Serbia was 43 euros per MWh.

The most expensive market in the region on Tuesday was Greece again, while in other countries the price ranged from 122.4 to 125 euros per MWh. It increased by around 600% in Slovenia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary.

On the last day of 2022, the average daily price was negative in the Czech Republic -2.05 euros per MWh and in Germany -0.79 euros per MWh.