Region, Strong wind production lowers prices in advance

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The levels of the Danube River will gradually increase over the next week, while possible melting of snow and precipitation will increase the production of hydropower in the Balkans.

Also, MetDesk predicts that wind production will be significantly above the average in Hungary, Romania and Serbia by the end of the 13th week.

Wind production in Poland is expected to reach 3.2 GW in the next two weeks, well above average and indicating the potential for exporting surplus electricity to Central and Southeast Europe.

Rainfall above normal in the entire Balkans is expected on the 14th and 15th week, according to MetDesk.

Price starters

Germany has announced that it will revise its portfolio of coal-fired power plants in order to stop the deliveries of Russian gas.

The collapse of the market on IBEX results in a difference of 66.3 euros between Greece and Romania.

Strong wind production is a factor in reducing day-ahead prices in Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Market overview

Despite the forecasted precipitation and melting of snow next week, it is unlikely that the level of the Danube will reach the average monthly level, the trader estimates.

Hydropower production in the Balkans is well below average and just a few euros above Germany, another source said.

Key basics

The Hungarian G3 gas unit at the Dunamenti power plant, with a capacity of 366 MW, is in the planned annual overhaul from April 6 to June 17.

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