Region: The difference between the Bulgarian and Greek weekly spot prices is over 100 euros per MWh

, SEE Energy News

In the period from March 29 to April 4, 2022, the average spot price of electricity on stock exchanges in the region of Southeast Europe fell significantly compared to the previous week, except in Greece, ranging from 138.7 euros per MWh in Bulgaria to 240 , 2 euros per MWh in Greece.

On the Serbian stock exchange SEEPEX, the average weekly price is 205.6 euros per MWh, about 30 euros less on a weekly basis, compared to 235.2 euros per MWh seven days earlier.

On the Bulgarian stock exchange IBEX, the weekly average was 138.7 euros per MWh, down about 60 euros from 198.9 euros per MWh in the previous week.

The Bulgarian and Romanian markets were fluctuated on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, while the Romanian market was not fluctuated with the Hungarian market all week.

The weekly average at OPCOM was 139.7 euros per MWh (70 euros less on a weekly basis), and the weekly average at HUPX was 210.3 euros per MWh (18 euros less on a weekly basis).

The Greek and Bulgarian markets were not flooded during this period. The weekly average at ENEX is 240.2 euros per MWh, which is about 9 euros more than the 231.1 euros per MWh achieved last week.

On the Slovenian and Croatian markets, the weekly spot price was reduced by about 11 euros, to 222.1 euros per MWh, compared to 231.9 euros per MWh last week.