Regional Action Plan for the establishment of an integrated electricity market in Southeast Europe presented

21. December 2012. / News Serbia Energy

A high level meeting of representatives of EPEX SPOT and EMS was held in early December in the premises of the EMS, in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Energy, Development and the Environment. EPEX SPOT is an electricity stock market co-owned by the French stock markets POWERNEXT and German Stock market EEX which currently encompasses the largest part of the European “spot” electricity market, and it is also one of the leading companies in the process of establishing a single pan-European day-ahead electricity market.

At the meeting the representatives of the EMS presented the Regional Action Plan for the establishment of an integrated electricity market of Southeast Europe, as well as the concept of the establishment of national and regional day-ahead electricity market, while EPEX SPOT representatives presented their experiences and best European practices in the functioning of this area. They exchanged ideas on possible modes of cooperation and stressed the necessity of active involvement of other stakeholders in the process, mainly the Ministry of Energy Development and Environment, Energy Agency of the Republic of Serbia and the EPS as a potential “market maker” in the future day-ahead market.

The meeting was held in a very constructive and creative atmosphere, and consensus was reached regarding the intensification of activities to define and develop modes of cooperation.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine

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