SEE Energy Market Reports

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Macedonian energy sector investment cycle, modernization and new capacities

Energy market liberalization process in Macedonia, unbundling and market price reform

Electricity market structure in Macedonia

Electricity production in Macedonia

Macedonian energy market liberalization and reform process, status update 2012

Macedonian electricity market, traders and large industrial consumers


Eligible producer status, Renewable energy market model Croatia

Croatian electricity market model and participants

Gas market in Croatia, legislation framework

Croatia energy security analysis: power generation, supply and distribution of electricity, gas and oil

Private investors in Croatian Renewable energy market


Inclusion to the free regional energy market requires a lot of work, market liberalization and regional coupling, case of Republika Srpska


Montenegro: market model, actors and interconnection capacity, balancing model

Electricity market in Montenegro, market structure and market actors

Montenegro energy market opening, adjustments with EU framework, status update


Regional Energy Market: Electricity Market in Albania

Czeck Republik:

CZ – Czech energy market, restructuring and liberalization, CEZ as dominant CEE power company

Electricity and gas market in Czech Republic, good experience which can be implemented in Balkans market


Romanian energy market restructuring and development, from unbundling to liberalization and privatization of power gen resources

Electricity Generation facilities in Romanian energy market

Transmission and Distribution, market development, Romania


Energy relations between Bulgaria and Russia, will this affect Bulgaria’s electricity supply and trading with West Balkans energy market?

Investors experiences on Bulgarian energy business environment, major international actors having different experiences