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Regional Energy Market

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Regional Energy Market

Regional Energy Market, area of South East Europe (SEE) includes 10 countries and their national energy systems

Interdependency, technical and logistical connections are a natural argument to consider the region of Balkans/SEE as one energy area. Connected with European energy market, the SEE regional energy market makes a significant route and hub for EU markets.

Serbia, being in the middle of wide energy area, connecting south and north – east and west, has a unique transfer capacity role for electricity trading. Power generation systems, TSO and DSO levels have some specific but mutual characteristics. European energy experts are often claiming that Balkan energy market coupling which is expected in coming years will bring EU energy security increase – electricity and gas supply.

Due to changing demand-supply ratio, existing power gen facilities are being unable to fulfill the needs in some periods, the region also have an important export-import electricity trade role. Neighboring EU energy stock exchange markets (Hu,Ro,At,It) are in some months influenced by Balkan balances-imbalances of electricity.

New power generation units will surely bring stability and increased supply efficiency for regional domestic markets, but in the same time, RES projects will generate additional Kwh which will be exported to EU markets.

Serbia Energy Magazine, due to undoubted interdependency of the energy region market, covers and brings some findings covering regional Balkans/SEE/CEE markets.

Selection of articles/reports bringing understanding of regional coupling importance and interdependency:

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