Regulations on the coordinated work of HPP “Visegrad” and “Bajina Basta”

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Annex to Regulations on coordinated work of hydro power plants “Visegrad” and “Bajina Basta” was signed in Visegrad.Annex was signed by representatives of the Directorate of Production Management of the “Electric Power Industry of Serbia”,  Dispatch service of the “Electric Power Industry of Serbia”, and “Hydro power plants on Drina” and Drina-Lim HPP “Bajina Basta”.

The director of “HPP on Drina” Mile Lakic said that the annex defines the optimal operation of hydro power plants at high and low water levels, and it is based on the experiences from December 2010, when record 3800 cubic meters of water per second arrived at the hydro power plant “Visegrad”.

Lakić explained that this was done to create a natural flow of Drina during construction of Andrićgrad and the fort wall around it.

Annex provides that at the time of high water, more than 1,700 cubic meters per second, HPP „Bajina Basta“ moves the cote for 285 meters so it will be 2.5 kilometers downstream of the New bridge on Drina in Garca instead at the dam “Visegrad”  .

At the same time, in these circumstances when the flow is greater than 3,300 cubic meters of water per second HPP “Visegrad” will lower the elevation at 336 meters.

Technical Director of Drina-Lim HPP „Bajina Basta“ Radisav Matic said that under the new conditions hydro power plants must be coordinated and have a responsible relation.

“Building Andrićgrad led us to improve high water regime, in a way that at the same time our two hydro power facilities do not have higher losses in production” said Matic.

The provisions of this Annex will be applied in the following three years, and it will be signed Electric Power Industries of Serbia and Republic Srpska.

Source Serbia Energy Magazine