Renewable energy sources fee on electricity bills from March

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EPS announced that it will charge special fee for subsidized electricity from renewable sources in amount of 0,44 dinar per KWH. Director for Electricity Distribution in EPS, Dejan Vasic says that average electricity bill of 400 KWH will be increased for 16 dinars approximately. He explained that EPS does not increase price it charges, it is a special fee for renewable energy sources and this amount will be expressed as separate item on electricity bills.

“All the money from fees will go to the special account” Vasic said and added that renewable energy sources electricity will be paid within this account at subsidized prices, so called feed-in-tariffs.

Deputy Minister of Energy, Dejan Trifunovic, said that collecting 10 million EUR from renewable sources fee is expected for this year.
“All the money that is not spent for renewable sources electricity buyout in 2013 will be transferred on bill for next year”, Trifunovic said and added that fee amount will be determined every year.

According to his words, this amount will be increased with electricity production from renewable sources and 220 million EUR is expected to be needed by 2020.

400 dinars per bill will be paid for renewable energy sources by 2020- it was estimated.
He reminded that Serbia take responsibility to increase renewable energy participation in total consumption from 21,2 to 27%.
The biggest part of this obligation will be accomplished with renewable sources electricity production’s increase- Trifunovic said and added that 1.902 MW of new capacities for electricity production is required to be made in order to accomplish this goal.
Trifunovic added that 2 billion EUR investments in the next seven years will be required and that there are already many interested investors.

Electricity is being bought in 37 objects, with 50 MW of total power, at regulated prices, at the moment.
According to National Action Plan for renewable energy sources in Serbia, objects 500 MW strong for electricity production from wind, HPPs of 438 MW, biomass plants of 100 MW, biogas plants of 30 MW, and 10 MW for landfill gas and solar energy, 3 MW for waste plants and 1 MW for geothermal energy should be in operation since 2020.

Source Serbia Energy/Agencies/EPS