Report: Meeting of EPS subsidiary companies held in the EPS department for energy generation, Procurement for overhauls to start immediatelly

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Given the delay in the procurement, it was agreed that it should be decided as soon as possible what kind of public procurements (PP) will be realized by PDs, and which ones, on the other hand, shall be organized in cooperation with EPS department for energy generation

Management team of the EPS for the energy generation held in the past month, two meetings with the directors of companies dealing with coal and electricity production, discussing the safety, state of operational readiness, production and overhauls. Meetings were chaired by Zoran Bozović, Director of the EPS department for energy production. First meeting (January 31) was attended by Vladimir Djordjevic, CEO of EPS for renewable energy resources, and representatives of the departments for Strategy and investment and Trade of electricity, and the second meeting (14 February) was attended by Mr. Dragutin Kostić, Adviser at the Ministry of energy, development and environmental protection.

Vera Stanojević, Director of the Department for the production of electricity and heat, made introductory remarks both times, stating i.a. that in January it was produced 3.6 billion kilowatt-hours, which is 2.6 percent above the balance and 4.6 percent more than in the same month last year. She stressed that the power plants operate in line with the attitude to most efficiently use the excellent hydrology until mid-January, so that the run-of-river HPPs operated at full capacity, considerably exceeding the planned output – by almost 50 percent, while at the same time TPPs worked as much as needed.

Ms Stanojević particularly analyzed the differences between the first 13 days of February this year and last year, from which some conclusions can be easily drawn in terms of establishing clear limits for machines loading, especially when it comes to system services. Nebojša Šijaković, director of the Sector for coal production also pointed to the over planned production of coal and waste, stressing however that it is not possible to increase the existing coal stockpiles so to fit prospective growing needs, because the power units operate on the principle of continuous transportation of coal, and the stockpiles are only necessary reserves.

Most of the time, especially at the second meeting, took the discussion on public procurement for upcoming overhauls. First of all, it was explained that the launch of the public procurements is already in delay due to, according to Mr. Ivan Babić from the department for management and control of the acquisition said, pending the approval of the EPS business plan for 2013, as the procurement plan should be based on it. He said that the procurement plan shall be prepared by PDs and the Department for energy production should harmonize procedures for the integration of purchases for overhauls. This raised a lot of questions, so that Dragan Popović, Assistant Director of EPS dept. for energy eproduction, required that the Directorate of Procurement provide clear instructions on what is meant by the integration, and what will be the subject of procurement by companies (PDs).

Mr. Bozović concluded that all should be done to have this year’s overhauls, which are cut in scope due to somewhat lesser funds, be performed in such a way to ensure the safe operation of the plants and the overall equipment. Mr. Dragutin Kostić suggested that in general,  operaters, above all, should take care of the equipment and safety of the plant, which also applies to the overhauls and the secondary regulation. Due to the urgency of the procurement, it was agreed that as soon as possible procedures shall be defined for merging procurement of materials and services for upcoming overhauls. Representatives of PD for the production of coal and energy have pointed out that the slow pace of procurement procedures is one of the greatest problems that may delay the purchase of necessary equipment and start of overhauls.

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