Report on the quarterly production of MB “Kolubara”; Results better than planned

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The coal production plan is overfulfilled by five percent and the production of overburden by about seven percent.

In the first quarter of the year, a the four open pit mines of Mining Basin “Kolubara” it was excavated 8.33 million tons of coal, which is about five percent more than planned.

According to the data released by the Production department of MB “Kolubara”, all open mines, with the exception of the Field “B”, overfulfilled the production plan for coal. The highest production of more than 3.74 million tons of coal was achieved in the OPM “Tamnava – West Field“. Their production plan was exceeded by as much as 17 percent, by which they affirmed leading position in the coal production of MB “Kolubara”.

In the other Tamnava OPM, “Veliki Crljeni”, 1.15 million tons of coal was excavated, which is by eight percent above planned. In the same period, the highest overfulfillment of 27 percent was recorded for Field “D”, with the production surpassing 2.44 million tons of coal. It can be said that this overfulfillment was caused by an underachievement in coal production of the Field “B”, where the plan was realized with 44 percent i.e. 626,157 tons of coal were produced. This situation with coal production in the oldest OPM of “Kolubara” occurred primarily because of the problem with huge amount of interburden and sand in the coal benches.

For the first three months, the quantities of coal shipped towards power plants “Nikola Tesla” of Obrenovac amounted to 7.5 million tons, which is ten percent more than the planned amount. The situation is even better in the TPP “Morava”, which was supplied with 139,086 tons of lignite i.e. 93 percent above the plan. Since the stockpiles of TPP “Kolubara A” in Veliki Crljeni are full, and the power units operate below the planned level, the amount of 350,557 tons of transported coal makes only 47 percent of the planned quarterly amount.

In March, from four open pit mines, towards TPPs and consumers 2.64 million tons of lignite were delivered, which is by six per cent more than the balance. Average daily production was 85.000 tons of coal.

Quarterly production plan of overburden was realized with overfulfillment of about 7% in the Mining Basin “Kolubara”. In the OPMs more than 16.67 million cubic meters of overburden were excavated and disposed, out of which over one million cubic meters comes from the OPM “Tamnava – West Field”. Therefore, the best result was achieved in this open pit mine, because of 8.3 million cubic meters were excavated, so the plan was exceeded by 38 percent. In the Field “D”, the overfulfillment of 15 percent was achieved, i.e. around 5.9 million cubic meters of solid mass. The Field “B” also had poor results regarding overburden excavation, 1.93 million cubic meters, which is 58 percent less than the planned.

According to the data obtained from the management of the oldest OPM, reaching the balance is aggravated by a number of factors. The problem represents the unstable ground on which the first ECS system operates, where changing routes is necessary, which leads to delays that reflect on the achievement of production results. With the other ECS system the situation is not much better, which operates with very specific materials, hard both for excavation and disposal. Underperformance in the production of overburden occurred in the OPM “Veliki Crljeni”. The plan is in underperformance by about 54% because of unresolved property issues, which caused long interruptions in ECS system operation.

The March production plan of overburden in the Mining Basin “Kolubara” with excavated 5.82 million cubic meters was overfulfilled  by 15 percent. The highest production result in March, due to delayed overhauls, was achieved in the Field “D”, where the 2.39 million cubic meters of overburden were excavated and the plan was exceeded by 62 percent. More than 2.54 million cubic meters of overburden with interburden were produced in the OPM “Tamnava – West Field”, which is by 27 percent more than planned. The Field “B” yielded 666,652 cubic meters of overburden, or 60 percent of the planned amount. Overburden system on the Field “Veliki Crljeni” began its operation in the middle of the month, so it managed to achieve 48 percent of planned production, with 217,162 cubic meters of excavated solid mass.

The best OPM “Tamnava-West Field”

The highest production result was recorded on “Tamnava – West Field,” which overfulfilled the plan by 17 percent with the production of more than one million tons of lignite. However, the area where the excavation took place in March was a zone of lower quality coal. Thus, because of the  homogenization, the production in the OPM “Veliki Crljeni” increased. In this mine, with excavated 578,390 tons of coal, the plan was overfulfilled by 20.5 percent. In the Field “D”, in March, overfulfillment of 26 percent was reached, with 808,730 tons of lignite produced. Thanks to its good performance, the deficit of the Field “B” was compensated, where 199,324 tons of coal were excavated, or about 42 percent of the quantity envisaged by plan.

Source; RBK