Republika Srpska: A regular annual overhaul in TPP “Ugljevik” starts, project value 2.9MEUR

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The power plant “Ugljevik” has begun regular annual overhaul, which will last 40 days. TPP “Ugljevik” announced that cooling process, cleaning and removal of some plants and setting of the work platforms are in progress.

Work began on Saturday, on 29th March, although it was planned to start on 1st April and early start of the overhaul has been conditioned by some pipes bursting on Friday, 28th March.

In this regular maintenance, which should raise safety of the unit work in the coming year, among other things, will be done turbine overhaul, review the entire system of boiler tubes, mill plant repair.

In the overhaul, besides employees of TPP “Ugljevik”, will be engaged also twenty specialist firms with a total of about 450 workers.

This year’s overhaul will be utilized for diagnostics unit of thermal power plants in order to prepare high-quality capital overhaul, which will be completed next year.

According to the of business operational plan, this year’s overhaul will cost about 2.9 MEUR, and investment of 1MEUR is planned, among which one of the most important items  is installation of a new breaker generator.

Executive Director for Technical Issues in TPP “Ugljevik” Dragan Miljanovic expects repairs to be completed within the planned period of 40 days, due to the well- done preparations.

– We will try to finish it the day before the deadline, with respect to quality and technical standards – added Miljanovic.

TPP “Ugljevik” in the first three months of 2014th  has produced 478.07 gigawatt hours of electricity , as compared to the plan for this period represent the execution of 105 % .

Source; Serbia Energy See Desk

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