Republika Srpska: Chinese “Dongfang” interested in new TPP Gacko unit

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Head of the Office of the Chinese company “Dongfang Electric” for Central and Eastern Europe Liang Yongbin delivered a letter of intent to the Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining in RS Petar Djokic in Banja Luka, regarding cooperation in the project of building a new unit in Thermal power plant “Gacko”, with installed power up to 350 MW.

Djokic said it was very important for Republika Srpska to have a partner in the realization of this important project in the power system that guarantees quality and quick construction of thermal power plant and which already has successfully implemented project of building Thermal power plant in Stanari, it was said from the entity relevant ministry.

– At the moment there is a strong interest and commitment of RS Government to build a new, modern steam power plants in Gacko which, applying the highest European standards in terms of emissions and energy efficiency, will significantly raise the volume of generated electricity, contribute to the economic development of Republika Srpska and new jobs opening – Djokic said.

He added that the Government aim to start the implementation of this extremely important project in the next spring, why it is planned that the Memorandum of Understanding between RS Government and the “Dongfang” be signed by the beginning of next month.

– I am confident that through cooperation between “Dongfang”, as one of the leading manufacturers of power equipment in the world and one of the leading international contractor projects in the energy sector, and our experts in RS energy sector, the construction of a new unit of “Gacko” will begin soon – said relevant minister.

Head of the Office of the Chinese company “Dongfang Electric” for Central and Eastern Europe Yongbin Liang expressed the willingness of company to rapidly implement this project, and especially thanked Minister Djokic for their trust.

According to him, in addition to extensive experience in the construction of thermal power plant, the advantage of “Dongfang”, as state-owned company, is that it has the support of the Government of the People’s Republic of China and financial institutions that can offer the most favorable conditions for the realization of this and other projects in RS.

It the letter of intent which president of the company “Dongfang” Wen Shugang sent to the Minister Djokic, among other things states, that the development of the energy sector in RS is very important for this Chinese company, including the construction of a new unit of TPP “Gacko”.

Also, during the past five years, through the implementation of agreements on a “turnkey” for TPP Stanari, this Chinese company has gained a wealth of experience in the realization of a thermal power projects in line with EU standards and local legislation, as well as cooperation with local partners and local suppliers in RS.

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