Republika Srpska: Comsar Energy construction of bridge for 37MW HPP Mrsovo

, SEE Energy News

Concessioner for the HPP Mrsovo, Comsar Energy, started the construction of bridge over river Lim in the value of 500.000 EUR.

The river Lim bridge is important to enable access for the construction works on HPP. The terrain of the area is very difficult and the investor is trying to brigde the area in order to access the both sides needed for the damn construction. After the bridge construction the investor plans to start the HPP construction works with the dealine for completion in 2018.

Investor the company Comsar Energy reserved 100MEUR for the construction of 37MW HPP Mrsovo. Comsar energy is owned by a Russian businessman Rashid Serdarov. Comsar energy is also the investor in the new unit at TPP Ugljevik but this project suffers major delays. , transmits