Republika Srpska: Comsar energy started preparatory construction works on 37MW HPP Mrsovo

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On the river Lim , near Rudo municipality, began the construction of the bridge downstream from the dam, which is to be be used for the purposes of HPP Mrsovo , the total length of the bridge is 72 meters.

The main engineer of the company Comsar energy on the construction of hydroelectric power plant Mrsovo , Dragan Cvor says that works are progressing as planned.

Bridge is made in three ranges, and is designed as a composite structure with pairs of coastal and the two central pillars that are based on piles, with a lane width of 4.5 meters and a pedestrian walkway – said Cvor.

He added that it is expected that the path length of 1,200 meters to the quarry Varda, from where it will be performed the extraction of stone for the construction of hydroelectric power plants, to be completed by the end of July, and other works by the end of the construction season.

In addition to road and bridge, design of transmission line to Visegrad is in progress and land expropriation.

Hydroelectric power plant Mrsovo will have an installed capacity of 37,3MW, barrier dam will be 20 meters high and a reservoir 9,5 kilometers long and will run to the bridge in Rudo.

Construction will last three years, and the investment is worth around 100 million euros. , transmits

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