Republika Srpska: Comsar Energy starts preparation for 37MW HPP construction

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Managing Engineer of the Company “Comsar Energy” has confirmed that geotechnical research for this object and needs of the main project has begun in HPP “Mrsovo” construction.

Seven sets of machines for terrain drilling due to the needs of research and this job will be over by the end of month”, Cvoro said.

Creation of the main HPP project is after research works and preparation activities and construction of bridges and roads are planned for the end of the year. “Documentation and creation of ecology study are being made at the same time”, Cvoro added.

He stressed that great cooperation is achieved with municipal administration in project realization.

Mayor of Rudo Municipality, Rato Rajak concluded that investment has a great significance for local community because work force from this is engaged and around 70 workers will get a job when HPP launch work.

HPP “Mrsovo” will have 37,3 MW installed power, dam will be 20 m high and accumulation lake will be 9,5 km long and it will spread until the bridge in Rudo.

Construction will last for three years and investment will be around 10MEUR

Source;Serbia Energy see desk