Republika Srpska: Concession for Ugljevik Coal Given to Rudnik and TPP Ugljevik

5. August 2013. / SEE Energy News

The Government of Republika Srpska adopted a decision on granting concessions for the use of coal deposits “Bogutovo Selo” and “Ugljevik Istok” in the municipality of Ugljevik to subsidiaries “Mine and Thermal Power Plant Ugljevik” from the composition of the Joint Holding “Serbian Electric Power Industry -ERS”. New Ugljevik TPP Unit will be constructed by Russian investor and company Comsar energy which also was granted a concession for the coal exploration.

The concession is granted for a period of 26 years from the date of signing of the concession, announced the Bureau of the Government of Public Relations.

The concessionaire is obliged to duly pay the concession fee and shall, before signing the contract, pay to the budget of Srpska one time fee for concession rights in the amount of BAM 1,006,831.

Amount of concession fees for the right to use mineral resources is 3.2 percent of the annual gross income of concession activity.

Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining is authorized to sign a contract of the Concession with the concessionaire, which will be more closely regulated concession relationship.

If the concessionaire, within 60 days of the effective date of this decision does not conclude the concession contract, loses all rights under this decision.


Source: Serbia Energy/RS gov

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