Republika Srpska: Construction of HPPS on Middle Drina public hearing, harmonization with area and population

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In Bratunac, was discussed at a public forum on “Middle Drina hydropower project and its impact on the environment.”

To citizens, to the local government, to tourism organizations and to all interested, experts in this field have presented advantages and disadvantages of building hydropower plants along the middle course of the Drina River.

– This is a an excellent opportunity to come up with a solution that will allow 15-20 years of employment of 15.000 -20.000 people, with careful management of the project from the beginning, which means that everyone is informed about everything that concerns them – said Tarik Kupusovic from the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering Sarajevo.

Dejan Vuckovic from Institute Jaroslav Cherni said that the Institute recently did the conceptual design of hydropower plants on the Drina River, and pointed out that there is great potential that is cost effective and it should be used, but with the harmonization with users and area.

Plan for the realization of this project aroused different opinions in public. In communities where hydropower will be built expect detailed technical analysis because they do not want to jeopardize the survival of the population in the coastal area.

– Our main goal is to build hydroelectric power plants, but that there is no displacement of the population, because for a long time Birač trend displacement is present due to the economic situation also in our municipality and all municipalities in the region – said Nedeljko Mladjenovic, mayor of Bratunac.

Zdravko Krsmanovic president of the Association Euroregija Drina, says it will not be allowed to move out a man if he does not want to.

– Now the current mood in Bratunac and Srebrenica and Ljubovija is that they are against facility with such a large emigration of the population. Local communities will not allow it, and “Euroregija Drina” will absolutely support them – said Krsmanovic.

Experts from the Institute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Management Institute in Belgrade said the people in Bratunac that the River Drina hydro power potential is evident and enormous, but it is not used. Throughout history, numerous studies have been done on the possibility of building hydropower plants on the Drina, and it was found that it would be the best to build hydroelectric power plants from the accumulation lake in Zvornik to Hydro Power Plant Bajina Basta.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk