Republika Srpska: EFT and Synohidro to work on 35MW new HPP Ulog

30. April 2013. / SEE Energy News


President of EFT Managing Board group, Vuk Hamovic stated in Kalinovik last week that construction of HPP “Ulog” will significantly influence development of this local community and it will contribute to energy stability in Republika Srpska.

He added that EFT group is also present in construction of TPP “Stanari” which is much bigger project.

“Both Kalinovik and Srpska will have many benefits from the construction of HPP “Ulog”. Around of 350 workers will be employed on dam’s construction and its maintenance and ordinary work will engage 20 expert and trained persons”, Hamovic said to journalists.

He stated that works will begin soon and that completion of HPP “Ulog” construction is expected at the end of 2016 or in the beginning of 2017.

EFT has invested more than 8MEUR in this project so far.

RS Minister for Spatial Planning, Construction and Ecology delivered approval for HPP “Ulog” construction, the project worth more than 60MEUR, to “EFT” Company in Kalinovik.

Project of HPP “Ulog” predicts construction of circulating plant with 35 MW of production strength with average annual electricity production of 85.000 MWH.

All previous plans that referred to research work, procession of complete technical documentation, electricity supply to construction yard and construction of 7 km approach and local ways have been performed by domestic companies and domestic consultant houses mostly.

Construction of main HPP “Ulog” objects was confided to one Chinese Company “Sinohidro”, one of the biggest world’s infrastructure companies which realize projects in 55 countries.

Source; Serbia Energy See desk

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